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We are one of the Leading Painting Contractors in chennai. Sudha paint sits in top as painting contractors list in Chennai and follows a strict Code of Ethics in our Business, that's the reason we get huge support from Building Construction Contractors & Individual's stick with us. Our Home Painting Services Purpose is to give Value to clients is taking us to Next Level. We have achieved the Excellence awards from brands like Asian Paints, Berger, Nippon, Agsar & Nerolac for being top  house painters in chennai

Sudha Painting Contractors Services are as Follows

  • Home Interior Painters 
  • Home Exterior Painters
  • Individual Vila's
  • Flat/Apartments
  • Institution
  • Temples
  • Industrial Painting

 Let’s Start with the Type of Paint Available in the Market:

 At Present Scenario, so many brands are available in the Market today. So choosing right paint for right project is always a difficult choice to choose.

PrimerPrimer is the commonly used word in House Painting services. Primer can be Oil or water based. When You paint for your project you should match the paint with primer. If you use Oil based paint for your project, you must use oil based primer. Your House Painting Cost fix your budget.

Interior Painting Services & Exterior: Main purpose of Painting your project is to look good. Either Interior or exterior painting services will always makes your house look fabulous. You can find it in your labeled box. Interior Painting works becomes easy and clean with Sudha paints.

Oil based vs water based: The main difference between these two paints are dryness. Oil Based Paint needs more time to get dry than water based paint. Water Based Paints are fast in drying process and they can evaporate very fast. Our Home Painters in Chennai will add drying additives in oil paints, so that these oil based paints may dry faster too.

Advantages of Oil Based Paints: 

  • Give Attractive Gloss after finishing it.
  • Painting Contractors in chennai works becomes easy because, leveling is easy and give smooth finish.
  • Really hard, Durable, Smooth and Excellent Finish.
  • Oil Based painting are little be costlier than Water based paints

Advantages of Water Based Paints:

  • Low Toxic Emissions
  • Water based paints are easy to clean up with water.
  • Fast Drying Process
  • These type of paints, are elastic, flexible finish, heat resistant.
  • Stable in Color, and will not diminish overtime.

If you want to remove or clean the Oil based paint, painting contractor in chennai use chemical like thinner or detergent to remove it. On most of the scenarios painting contractors in chennai encourage buyers to choose oil based paints, because water based paints are not as durable as oil based one.

Latex: This is just a term used to describe about paint. There is actually no Latex in the Paint.

Enamel: Due to hardness and Durability, Painters set the name “Enamel” for Oil Based Paints. Painting Contractors in chennai finish the work as Gloss and Semi-Gloss. These Enamel Type of Paints are mostly used in Windows, Doors and Trim by Painters in chennai


  • These paints are excellent with reflective sheens.
  • Painting Contractors in chennai get positive feedback because of its high durability, withstand harsh environment, and easy to clean.
  • Friction percentage is high, so that they can stick with baseboards, moldings and doors.
  • It can reduce the shadow of imperfection and give clean result.

AcrylicPainters in Chennai, set the name Acrylic for Water-Based House Paint, Acrylic is Mixed with the paint. Acrylic paint varieties are vast, Acrylic Latex, Acrylic Enamel and Acrylic Latex Enamel. The Acrylic Durability comparably more than oil based and water based paints. Be sure Acrylic Paints are not a mixture of these two paints.

Specialty Paints: Every Products have technological revolution. Painters in Chennai always welcome these kind of paints because, these kind of paints give overwhelming result for buyers. These Paints include anti-mold, anti-mildew, fire retardant and additives.  

Interior Painting Contractors for Building and Apartment Chennai :

A Clear Description on Wall Paints: Interior Wall Paints have several types and it evolves day by day through Painting Contractors in Chennai. These kind of paints have vast color combination and buy get huge number of collections. Painters in Chennai always stumble the color of paint and create new one than a professional color mixer

Matte Paint: The Most Common Color for Interior Wall Paints is Matte Color. If you don’t want any Visual distraction this is the best choice. There is no shine or sheen. Ideal for Wall & Ceilings. Painting Contractors in Chennai will be really happy to work with this paint, these matte color are easy to apply. Though it takes more than a single coat to create a good solid color. Painters in Chennai use Brush & Rollers to apply on the wall. It levels itself without any imperfection. If you have any older house, this is the best choice. If you get marks or dust on the wall it’s easy to remove with a normal cloth or water and sometimes retouching is easy. Never follow an Interior painting agencies rather choose professionals for your home.

Matte Enamel: Its similar to matte and purpose is, it gives more durable. It’s easier to clean and sometimes retouching will give excellent look. The smell is odorless and good for children. In Most cases, painters in Chennai use these product for Kitchen. Because, it can withstand regular cleans. Comparably the visual effect is similar to Matte Paint and it takes the same process. 

Satin: Satin is common but only few people understands it. Satin stand in between Matte and gloss which produce low and soft sheen effect. If you want to clean the wall regularly this type of paint is useful. Painter in Chennai never use satin for imperfection walls because it shows off clearly. 

Eggshell: Really gives you Eggshell finish and extremely good with the same finish like Satin. In Most Cases, walls shows off and highlights Imperfections. Eggshell will cover those Imperfections in just one coat. Painting Contractors in Chennai refer Eggshell type to most of his customers to get overwhelming result.

Semi-Gloss: Semi-Gloss is meant for different purpose. More over semi gloss is used for Trim rather than Walls. It gives you hard finish and used for Heavy purposes. Even you can clean the wall with just soap water. Semi gloss gives you less glow than full gloss paint. You can achieve the result within a single coat. 

Gloss Paint: Gloss paints Gives luxury looks. More than Matte, Satin, Eggshell, Semi, Full gloss paint is commonly used interior wall paint to achieve hi fi looks. Most cases, Painters in Chennai use it sparingly on the surfaces like wood work, other luxury items to achieve high gloss effect. Deliberately great paint which reduce the imperfection on the wall with just a single coat. Always Calculate Labour Cost for Painting wall before taking tough decisions.

Painting Contractors in Chennai Tips for Interior House:

Tips 1: How to Avoid Overlap marks during leveling:

Ugly things and problems for painters in chennai, is Lap marks. These stripes caused when you roll over or brush the paint, where it is already dry. To Overcome this issue, you have maintain a wet edge. So that when you overlap to next line the mixture is possible on the wall. 

Wet edge can be maintained when your process is fast. Start the roll over from up to entire end of the wall. The process have a nuances, where it shouldn’t be too fast and too slow. Always Keep your brush or roller reasonable wet so that you can continue the process without any trouble. This is where painting contractors in chennai got the expertise. Our Painters are Experienced and High Ethical Professional.

Tip 2: Mix High Volume of Paint for a Consistent Color throughout the Wall:

Paint color and thickness might vary from Bucket to Bucket. For Example, if you are opening paint can today, just check the color and open a can after one week. Now look the color you can find a slight just because of chemicals in the paint. Once the Paint Bucket is opened, you should complete it process and finish the bucket immediately. So don’t mix the color with small quantity and avoid discolor. At Least Mix 5  Gallon Bucket.

Tip 3: Wait for while, till the paint dry. Later cut the Tape from skarting for a Perfect Edge.

Painters in Chennai are always aware of taking off the tape. Because Paint usually form a film shape in between wall and tape. When you remove or cut the tape, there are chances that the paint will come out with the film. On Most case, painting contractors usually pull the tape off from Running Fleet location. But Our painters will work very professionally where we wait for next 24 hours to let the paint dry. And later our Professionals will cut the tape instead of pulling it over.

Tip 4: Painting is a step by step process, first we have trim and then paint the ceiling and walls.

Our Professional Painters in chennai know the nook and corner of painting professions. So we start painting the trim and later we start the walls and ceiling.

Tips 5:  How Our Painters in Chennai Avoid Blotchy Finish:

Most cases, newly painted walls look blotchy. You will find a uniform color but the sheen and shine will not be consistent. This happens when you did do the patty properly. The porous will absorb the paint and finally end up with blotchy finish. When you switch on on your light, the dull spots on the wall will reflect in different way.  Our Texture Painting Contractors in Chennai know the nuances to find it, they will patch it immediately with primer, so that the paint texture will look great. 

Tips 6: Clean the surface with scratching sheet to form a Strong Bond.

Painting on Dirty, oily surface have a problem because in future the Paint will peel off. So before painting the wall we have clean the surface perfectly so that the paint will stick with wall for long years.

Tip 7: Use the Roller or Brush consistent to get great textures.

Painting the wall is easy but giving the perfect trim is difficult than ever. Use a proper roller or brush for consistent texture. Our Painters in chennai maintain a property leveling during the painting process.

Tip 8 : How our Expert painters handle the Trim and Give Ultra-Smooth Finish:

Without a Proper surface cleaning or one coat of paint cannot clean the spill on the Running Feet. In India, our running feet will the same tiles, mosaic or granite so cleaning the running feet is easy like floor. Always our professional painters in chennai done the work immediately so that the spills will not merge tight with the tiles.

painter in chennai

Tip 9: Use a proper Cotton Cloth to give Touch Up:

Our Painting Contractors in Chennai make everything clean and clear. Making everything perfect and professional is more important. If it is New house, no issues. The Mosaic, Tiles or Granite Polishing will be done after completing House Painting work. So spill can be cleaned during the polishing time. But, if it is old house our painters in chennai should be professional and must work very lucratively to make everything clean and neat.

To clear the spill we use hi-tech cotton cloths. So wiping out the surface is very important.

Tip 10: Feather Coat to make a clear leveling on the Ceiling:

While covering large areas like ceiling, or extra tall walls, its hard to cover those spaces. When process gets harder the completion of Interior Painting work will not get proper leveling. So using feathered coat will avoid the cause of paint overlapping.

Our Painters in Chennai know how to roll the roller. They direct it with different direction along with the dry edges and feathering out paint too. So Our Professional Painting Contractors in Chennai have innovated a new technique to balance the rolling directions. So making the second coat will be easy and clear.

How our Professional Painters in chennai handle the House Painting Jobs Mistakes

House Owners Choose Wrong Colours:

Choosing the wrong colour is biggest and most devastating mistakes happens when buyers choose wrong colours. Paint dealers mix what you choose. So as a buyer you must be very conscious about selecting and mixing the right colour. Before Buying the paint in gallons, try to buy small quantity and stumble different paints and get your desired color.

Lock the Lid Properly:

This is the most common mistakes done by painters in chennai. But Sudha’s is the best Painting Contractors in chennai, where our professional know’s more information. If the Lid is not closed property there are chances that the color of the paint may change in next couple of days.

Bumping the Ceiling:

It’s hard to realize, when process gets hard it might create imbalance in outcome. Most of the painters in chennai does this mistake, where they push the brush or roller hard. Which may look like bumping or discolored view. So use light weight instruments.

Best way to find where the contracted painter is Professional or Not - Over brushing:

Only few hands hold the professional skills. You can find out the expertise of the Painter by viewing his work. Over Brushing is usually happens, when a normal person uses the brushing. So the Professional Painter must weight till the paint get dry.

Using Normal Paints for Extreme Temperature:

Paint doesn’t handle extreme temperatures. But some does. Using normal standards paints in cold climate or heat climate may end up in painting end result failure. But common Mistakes is when you use normal paint in cold time, the paint will not dry.

Spray your paint with everything covered:

Even in small area, the spray goes to more extents. Before spoiling the outer area, be sure that you close your extra area for avoiding mistakes.

Letting the Roller to Touch the Floor:

Mistakes can happen in process, but correcting those mistake is good before the process ends. If a paint spills in new house, it can be handled because the floor polishing process starts after the completion of the Floor Painting process. But if it is a old house, painters should avoid those mistakes or they should know the process to clear that mistakes before the paint mergers with the tiles, mosaic or granite. We have best Process for Industrial Floor Painting

Painting Without Proper Planning:

Without a knowledgeable plan, nothing comes as a good outcome. Most of the Painters in chennai take liberal consideration in process. So they Over Paint a lot. As a result over painting will end up as overlapping.

  • Glossy Paints are always costlier than normal standards paints. Painting Contractors in Chennai always work for perfection, but what happens when it goes as over perfection.
  • Lighting Conditions is almost most important factor in Painting Process. Because, bad lighting will diminish or give low value. Our Building Painting Cost is less because of Painting Techniques.

Using the Wrong Paint

If you've chosen the wrong paint for the  painting contract jobs, no matter how good your application technique is, the project isn't going to turn out well. Here are three situations to watch out for:1. When painting surfaces that aren't perfect, don't choose paint with a high sheen. The glossiness will only accentuate the problems on the surface. Light reflecting off the shiny paint will highlight every defect. So if you want to paint with a semigloss or gloss sheen, make sure the surface you're painting is carefully prepared and perfectly smooth

When covering a light-colored wall with dark paint, start with a tinted primer. Ask at the paint store for advice. The staff will know what tint to use. Gray primer is a great choice under most dark colors.

If you're painting with two sheens of the same color, be sure to label the cans. It's really easy to get the two mixed up, and you won't realize your mistake until the paint dries. You'll be really sorry if you accidentally touch up flat walls with semi gloss paint. Sudha Professionals do finest home painting jobs for you.

Let Me Share you some Secrets as a Industrial Painting Contractors in chennai

Every painter has methods or step by step to satisfy clients. Some teach their secrets to others and some won’t do that.

First Step we do is Clean the Surface Perfectly:

Every painting wall got its own advantage and disadvantage. Making everything equal is more important. So first Clean the surface perfectly and clearly, so that the paint will bond with the wall perfectly.

Fill the Patches First:

Every Industrial Painting Contractors know that they have to fill the holes on the wall. Take a  putty and cover the holes properly. So that your painting will be in perfect leveling without any flashing. This will decrease the uneven wall colour and reduce the painting labor cost per square feet.

Use the Fleeting Tape Properly:

As we already discussed, peeling off the tape is the most important thing we do as a painting contractors.

Reduce Lap & Brush Marks with Paint Extender:

Reducing Mistakes will always decrease the painting cost per sqft. To overcome the Lap & Brush marks we have to use paint extender.

Lining with Screwdriver in between Textured Ceiling:

Separating two column is a difficult task. As a Textured Painting Contractors we use Screwdrivers to separate them, so that painting becomes easy on textured ceilings. When we take Building Painting Contractors, our professionals will use this technique to reduce the home painting cost and timing.

Loaded Brush or Roller:

We are awarded as a best Home painting contractors in Chennai. Our Professional always start the work with loaded brush or roller. Guys will dip the full brush or roller to do a proper painting on wall.

Epoxy Floor Coating: 

When Industries grow, the expectation of the customers grows too. When you are applying for ISO Certificate, the Certifying body ask you to do few things. In that, Epoxy painting is most important on floor for safety purposes. We have already taken a good reputation as Epoxy Painting contractors in chennai. We have least painting contract rates for Epoxy Floor Coating

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